Summer Essentials - Lake Home Edition

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Summer-time in MN is always upbeat. Whether you’re at Target Field attending a Twins Game, enjoying some music at the Lake Harriet Bandshell, adventuring in one of the beautiful small towns, or simply messing about on boats, there will always be something to do. One of the favorite activities of MN nativesis spending time with family and friends in our beloved lake houses. With kids, animals, friends, and the good old outdoors, this quality time can sometimes get a little messy. We’ll offer some tips and tricks to help smooth out the process.

Tip 1: Designated areas will help stop any confusion of where things should be. Instead of people placing their wet and used towels on your favorite pieces of furniture, we suggest providing hooks closest to the door in which you enter from being outside by the water. This will be the perfect place for guests to hang their towels, drying them out before they are to be used again.  Trick: Buying a set of hooks with a shelf above will allow for multiple uses. The shelf could provide extra storage for items such as keys, or you could add a display of decorations and your favorite flowers or small accessories to beautify the home.


Tip 2: Contrary to popular belief, summers in MN can be HOT (and humid). This makes for a lot of thirsty guests. Make sure to have a separate set of drinkware for outdoor use. Trick: We suggest shatterproof glasses. This will help to avoid dangerous instances which we can be stuck picking up shards of glass off the floor.


Tip 3: Having great outdoor furniture is a must for optimal comfort with relaxing outside. Once you’ve found pieces that everyone loves and work perfectly, they are hard to part with. Weather can ruin furniture in an instant. Outdoor covers will help to protect furniture from the harsh elements. Trick: Some outdoor furniture lines have custom-fit furniture covers. If yours does not, don’t worry, it’s not a lost cause. Universal Outdoor Furniture Covers are also sold, which can be found to fit just about any piece!

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